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Fan Literature   -   sam the chest buster   -   Chapter 1
sam the chest buster
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 1 - episode 1:a new evil

a new breed of evil has been born,and it is coming for you.
sam:heh,heh i have you now ice cream.

(the spical guest if you can spot him is the owner of avp freaks)
sam:what are you doing
me:well of course im telling everyone about,if they can spot the spical guest.
jack:sam why are you taking my stuff
sam:for buissnus reasons
jack:you know im on a date so dont screw this one,i actully like her.
sam:i hope shes dead...i mean ill give you tips on daTEING.
jack:were where you when i needed help.
kinder garden...
jack:help im stuck in the puddel...sam...
sam:hellow ladies ,want my lemonad.
grade 1...
billy:give me your lunch money
jack:help me sam
sam:ill sell you this spike glove
billy:wow,ok sam your free,as for you jack.

grade 2-univercity...well how can i put this.
venom x:jack
sam steals jacks univercity paper
venom x:you pass.sam,(looks at sam's paper then atjack)must be a typo,jack,YOU FAIL.
jack:sam cause of you i failed univercity and you littel sales man job just got you losing your adpartment,and having to live with me.
ding dong
jack:clair is here so leave.
sam:ok,ok scre...
jack:shes cathlic so dont swear.
clair:hi jack
clair is skinny,blonde short hair and is wearing jeans and a short top.
jack:you look...(faints)
everything soon turns black

mean while

sam:ok whos up for some beer challange
cell phone ring tone:in a barbie world im a...
sam:darn automatic song phone,hellow...whats that lassie,jacks in the hospital...sorry see ya later.

well that was the first episode,coming up next
jack goes to parent teacher night to see clair's young sister and sam is forced to walk vicious dogs plus tell us at fourm of fan literatures,who the spical guest is of the episode and comment on this.

by this1guy

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