Fan Literature   -   alien 5 v 1   -   Chapter 9
alien 5 v 1
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 9 - the end

the gun shots were vicious and the xenos died fast.
hicks:you want a peice of me
hicks anger raged on.hicks ran into the hall,tured on the lava floor and went to the side walls so he wount fall in.soon the queen found him but the grid alien found the queen.the 2 fought each other until the queen sliped,and since the grid alien's tail was in the queen,the creature went with it.
hick ran to the ship that soon left
computer:self destruct sequenc in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,booooooom.
hicks:i...i...i didit,isaved earth.

mean while...

cpt.fisher: send the army to teaxas,we need to find what were looking for something impotant,as for the artic.
man:well the base blew up and we herd 1 survivor.
cpt.fisher:its ok,he did his job...

the end

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