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Fan Literature   -   alien 5 v 1   -   Chapter 8
alien 5 v 1
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 8 - guadien angel

the xenos still kept on coming,everyone ran out of ammo.ripley soon fell
soon a xeno was about to attack,slice,the xeno fell to peices.ripley looks up to see the grid xeno and continued to walk into the horde of aliens.
hicks:allen what are you doing.
allen:im geting out of this hell hole
allen then feels a pain in his chest it wasent a chestbuster ,it wasent the grid,but bishop's hand that went threw allen.
hicks:what are you doing
bishop:run!!!they are controling me.
bishop striked at greg sending him flying in the hall.
hicks an ripley runs but stoping bishop is the grid alien

mean while

ripley:i cant
ripley trips and soon sees a terrifyinglook
the queen.hicks soon startes shooting
the run was hard but soon  they manage to find a room to be safe in.
ripley(choking):its coming
hicks:what is
ripley:she wants me.
ripley hols the gun point to here heart then pulls the trigger
hicks:ripley no!!!!!!!
hicks soon sits silently,hereing the noises of xenos.
hicks:oh shut up!!!!!!
soon the xenos were quiet.behind hicks was a xeno.hicks picks up both plasma pulse and turns to shoot.
hicks:die you ugly thing

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