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alien 5 v 1
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 7 - killer heart

gun shot at the aliens,the grid creature kicks the xeno girl corpse around and greg gets up to redem his strength.

bishop:theres to many.
hicks:watch out greg.
greg watches in teror at the horrible monster that presue him.the blood rises as the grid creature finds its terrifing grid plesing.gregs blood rips his shirt that is very thin.ripley then turns with the flame thrower
alien memory:every thing was white and a bright light presued the only love when a kid back in a world of light soon was destroyed and had to take fourm of the enemy.
ripley:im out,what is that thing.
hicks:idont...weres doug.
doug:hey ugly freaks have this.
doug in one hand had a dynimite and a gun in the other .the xenos ignored the marines and proweled to were doug was.suddenly,boooooooom.

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