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alien 5 v 1
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 5 - in the darkness

cpt.fisher:no!i want that base now and if we send an army,then thell destroy vauable info so wait until that team comes got that.
hangs up the phone cptain fisher sits on his chair in frustrasion.

mean while

the team walks through bad storm and finds a station were they can wrest.

mat:i mite have not talked much but val,well shes a bit...well hard to say but one thing is for shor that we are not going to make it.
hicks:well were in the base for 1 and what if that thing comes back.
allen:we'll blow it up and we can use drunky over here as bayt.
doug:yeah why cant i bite skirts.
ripley:whats that sound.
bishop:yeah that clicking sound?
ripley:yeah that,and it really loud.

uknown,the clicking is a hive nod bursting a poor victom with a cacoon to hold it in place for a facehugger.

geting an army ready

cpt.fisher:i have word that a bio tareget of what we need is in that base so everyone must kill anything you find,got that,
soliders:sir yes sir.

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