Fan Literature   -   alien 5 v 1   -   Chapter 4
alien 5 v 1
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 4 - grid iron

the creature stood 9 feet tall and had a grid on its head.
blans:what the f...
the creature slashed at the solider terring him apart.
van:dont just stand there,kill the darn thing.
the shots came in vicious but never mad a dent on the thing,then it left them alone.
bishop:what the heck is that.
ripley:i dont know,that thing oviousley is strong.
hicks:who cares we have a man down,a drunken solider and were wounded.

mean while

captain fisher:i guess we have a incoming call.
cpt.fisher:you idot droid learn how to speak.god.

mean while

hicks:calling for back up,we need backup,anyone,god i think we are in a bad posion.
doug:we!!!!!i found some more beeeeeeer.
bishop:i hope you die.

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