Fan Literature   -   alien 5 v 1   -   Chapter 2
alien 5 v 1
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 2 - ambush

three corprals were ganging up on penguins when one of them managed to escaped.it walked for hours and hours.it soon found some pod of some sort and an egg.it opens up with some strange yellow creature.mean while a dropship floo threw the snow storm.

ripley:when are we going to get there.
hicks:about 20 miles now.
bishop:well can some one tell me what that is over there.

pointing at a strange cabin with blood everyweres.its wood had some holes in it.when the ship landed it was quiet,mean while the penguin stood up there was anegg right in front of it,soon a corpral jumped out and grabed the penguin.it started to wigle out of reach but soon the egg hatched into a strange creature that growen into a 9 feet tall monster with a grid on its head

cop.james:what the f.....

mean while...it was silent.

van:some large ambush and who or what did this there were more of them.

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