Fan Literature   -   alien 5 v 1   -   Chapter 1
alien 5 v 1
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 1 - ripleys awaken

the betty strolls far into the planetary abyss of earth.

-call: the fire is getting bigger.
-johner: were going to crash!!!!!.

the ship crashes.ripley opens here eyes.she was in a hospital and seeing a familler face.

-hicks: finally you woke up.
-ripley: but your dead.
-hicks: no that body was a solider who never went with us in the hive,that was o'mally and i was in the ketchen,any ways you fanted when you saw that xeno in flara fury wich then i came in and saved you.
-ripley:so i wasent a clone.
-hicks:nope,bishop cut the alien queen and killed it plus that seems to be quite a nihgtmare you had.

mean while...in the artic a penguin walks near a egg.the egg opens then every thing goes black.hicks in marine base with ripley

-hicks:the artic base is taken over by corpates and catching penguins and we need that base back.
-ripley:ok than let do it.
-hicks:this is the team,greg,bishop,mat,allen,val,blans.