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Fan Literature   -   The Fury of the Trophy   -   Chapter 3
The Fury of the Trophy
Written by:  Predator Punk

Chapter 3 - Alternate Ending

The Predator crouched low and hugged the thick tree branch with one thickly armored arm. He cocked his head to the side and surveyed the forest floor below. The world in infared showed no signs of life. The Predator clicked irritably. He de-cloaked. Normally, he would wait patiently, but this new emotion had gripped him in iron claws. He needed more trophies. It was an obsession, more so than it had been before.

The bored Predator lolled into a reminiscent state. Back years before to his first trophy. One of the only times in his life when he had felt such an intense emotion.

The Predator had probed rather roughly along the creature’s back for the spine.

Faintly, some sort of bird was chirping.

It was no difficulty breaking the skin.

Some bushes below stirred, but infared showed a tiny animal scampering away.

When he had torn the spinal column and skull away and raised it above his head, it had splashed him with blood. The blood was still hot.

The Predator was sure he could feel the blood on him now. He looked down on his chest. It was hot like the blood, but still…

He dipped his fingers into it and pulled them away slowly…

The transparent saliva stretched.

The Predator cried out in both surprise and pain at the sudden claws that tore into his back. Instinctively, he swung down onto the next branch below. The branch shuddered and creaked under the Predator’s weight.

The Alien let out a shriek and gave chase.

The Predator hopped from branch to branch, shaking loose leaves. The Alien shambled down behind him, closing in..

He was too high to jump and land safely…

The Alien’s tail caught the Predator across the back, sending a spatter of glowing green blood across the Alien’s face.

Just a few more branches…

The Predator jumped, cloaking while he did so.

But the Alien was faster.

The Alien’s barbed tail protruded from the Predator’s invisible chest. A burst of phosphorescent blood exploded from the invisible Predator. The Predator bawled in absolute pain and went stiff and rigid. The Predator’s cloaking short-circuited and cracking blue electricity washed over his body. The Alien surveyed the Predator on the end of his tail like the bait on a fishing hook. With a violent flick, the Alien threw the Predator to the ground.

The Predator clasped his clawed hand over his wound and watched his own blood leak through between his fingers. He stood shakily. He was badly wounded, but not broken. The Alien shuffled the rest of the way down from the tree.

The Predator stepped back, leaving bloody green footprints where he once stood. This Alien was larger than the one he had fought yesterday, most likely it was older and stronger too. The Predator knew he could take this one. What a trophy he would be…

The Alien shuffled up to the Predator, but did nothing. The Predator reached for his spear, it expanded and contracted twice as if showing the Alien what it was.

The Alien cocked its head to the left, almost quizzically. The Alien opened its mouth slowly and spit projectile acid that splashed the Predator’s already-burned mask and shoulder ammo as he turned to the side to dodge it.

The acid seared and burned. The Predator fumbled at his mask with bloody, slippery fingers. Air hissed out of the mask and he threw it to the ground and watched it be eaten before his eyes.

The Alien wasted no time. It charged at the Predator, and the Predator wasn’t ready. They tumbled into the trunk of a large tree. The Alien lashed out its smaller tongue and bit the Predator’s cheek, spraying green blood on the both of them.

The Predator was getting weaker. He had to buck two times to get the Alien off. The Alien charged again. This time, the Predator sunk the spear into it’s back. The Alien howled and thrashed, trying to dislodge it. It rolled over onto its side and reached for it with its arms, but it could not dislodge it. Acid blood leaked from the wound in great amounts, hitting the ground and burning it.

This would be the time to retreat…this would be the time…
The Predator flared his mandibles and bellowed at the Alien, trying to get its attention away from the spear. The Alien turned sharply and lashed out at the Predator with its tail. The tail caught the Predator’s ankle and sent him crashing on his back.

The Predator tried to get to his feet, but the Alien was faster. With a heavy, clawed foot it stepped on the Predator’s dreadlocks and held the Predator fast to the ground. The Predator snarled, his mandibles flaring angrily. The Predator lunged for his disc and with a sweep; he embedded the disc into the Alien’s ankle. The Alien let out a shriek as it’s ankle oozed acid blood onto the Predator’s dreadlocks, burning off their tips and scorching them.

The Predator was weak. His chest was heaving and his eyes had lost their sharpness.

Now, if he didn’t do it now he would die with dishonor…going out to hunt again was a mistake…
The Predator brought his wrist to his face and flipped open the keypad that would induce the nuclear explosion. He slid the slider with a bloody and battered claw and activated it. Red numerals flashed by, counting down.

The greed did this…that emotion…
The Alien shrieked and drove it’s barbed tail into the Predator’s chest one final time.

The earth-shattering explosion drowned out the sound of the Predator’s howling of pain.

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