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Fan Literature   -   The Fury of the Trophy   -   Chapter 2
The Fury of the Trophy
Written by:  Predator Punk

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 - Final Chapter

The barbed tail landed so close to the Predatorís mask that it actually clipped it, scraping off a shaving of metal. The whip-like tail was re-coiling for another strike, but the Predator was ready this time. He bucked his body and rolled the unbalanced black monstrosity from his body. The black beast went sprawling. The two separated for a moment, and the Predator got a clear look at the monster.

It was familiar, but..

The monster lunged at him again. The Predator sidestepped and with a movement of both elegance and cruelty, he unsheathed his wrist blades and cut the monsterís grooved shoulder as it lunged past him.

It skidded in the leaves and reared, clawing the air with elongated fingers. Ropes of thick, yellow blood seemed to fall in slow motion. Heavy splashes fell to the ground and ate hungrily at the leaves.

The memory came flooding back to him. Now he remembered. These were the creatures he had battled to gain his status.

The Alienís tongue lashed out and the jaws on it gnashed. It too seemed to be screaming in pain. The Predator stood transfixed by the scene before him.

The Alien seemed to swallow its pain and stopped screaming abruptly. It turned sharply on the Predator. It swayed on its ankles momentarily before letting out a shrieking war cry and charging.

The Predator raised his wrist blades for another assault only to discover the melted, charred remains of the blades that had once been there. The Predator countered quickly as he reached for his disc. He brandished it just in time to cut the barbed tip from the Alienís tail as it whizzed past his face. The severed tail tip flew into the air and landed

The acid burst from the tail splashed the Predatorís mask. Streams of steam fogged the Predatorís vision as the acid blood ate away at the cheek of his mask, exposing one side of his mandibles.

The Alien continued to whip the bleeding tail around, sending spurts of acid raining down.

Tiny droplets landed on the Predator and burned craters into his armor and skin. Snarling, the Predator stepped backwards out of range of the acid, and wielded his disc before him. The Alien was either very brave or very ignorant because it hurtled itself forward in a shambling, bleeding mass despite the disc.

The Alienís weight knocked the Predator to the ground. The pair was locked in mortal combat as they rolled over the verdant forest floor.

The Alienís second set of jaws was slathering the Predatorís bare mandibles with hot, sticky saliva. It bit and nipped at him, splattering the Predator with his own phosphorescent blood. For the first time, the Predator experienced the chilling sensation of tasting his own blood.

The Alien snarled. Itís stubby tail, still whip-like lashed behind it. It dug its claws into the Predatorís chest, ripping the mesh-like net and ripping out chunks of Predator flesh. The Predatorís glowing blood seeped from its wounds. The Predator decided he had enough.

With a tremendous burst of strength, the Predator bucked the Alien off his body. The Alien was thrown to the ground, thrashing violently. Leaves and foliage were ripped from the ground.

The Predator put all of his force into the disc as he did a half-spin and threw it. It sliced through the air before the Alien had time to react and lodged itself in the Alienís throat.

A cascade of acid burst forth and ran down the Alien in rivulets. It sputtered and acid flecked its teeth. It staggered, and fell. Itís stubbed tail lashed out, but fell still mid-whip.

The Predator locked the disc back into place on his side and approached the Alien carcass. It was frozen where it fell in a grotesque pose. Its jaws were open and itís second set of jaws hung limp. The Predator clicked.

A wave of invisibility washed over him as he cloaked, and he wrapped a hand around the Alienís ankle and dragged it into the underbrush.


The mask wasnít totally ruined. The Predator turned it over in his clawed hands. He clicked almost irritably. It could still be used. He traced the rough edge where the acid had eaten. He flared his mandibles angrily. That was the only mask he had brought. He made a mental note to bring another next time.

The Predator stood back from his trophy wall. The Alien skull, carefully cleaned and polished, completed the shelf. The Predator idly toyed with the bony Alien finger that dangled from his waist sash. He clicked. He was happy with his decision to sever it and keep it as a decoration. The space on the shelf was filled, but the space inside of him was not. Greed as green as his own blood was seeping into his thoughts and it was re-working his motivations. He wanted more. He needed more. The Predator made his way back to the control panel and set the course towards a little planet far away called Earth.

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