Fan Literature   -   The Piolts side of the story   -   Chapter 3
The Piolts side of the story
Written by:  PredTech

Chapter 3 - The Beast

     Xavian looked everywhere for the monster that Baxter created, but found nothing. It was a hard day of working, so he decided to get some sleep for the next day of searching. When he got to the bunks he saw something watery-looking on the ground. When he realized what it was he dashed for the door and locked it.

    he heard bangs on the door as he ran away. He ran straight for the armory. When he got there he saw that all the assault rifles where either too old to fire or broken, so the only weapon he could use was a small pistol. The pistol was semi-auto with 9mm rounds, he had about 5 clips of ammo for the weapon. He prayed it would be enough to kill the beast, he prayed

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