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Fan Literature   -   The Piolts side of the story   -   Chapter 2
The Piolts side of the story
Written by:  PredTech

Chapter 2 - the suprise

      * hear ship in the distance* The man poped out of the controal room cirket breaker "what was that Baxter?"he said. The man's name was Xavin and Baxter a creature that Xavin found when he crashed on the planet. When his ship the "U.S.S Marine". Something went wrong with the cryotubes and he was the only survivor. Everyone looked like a well-preserved mummy.

      When he first crashed he noticed a weird development on his chest. this was because of a radioactive particles in the air. This development made it so he could breathe without air. So when he went out to explore he didn't need any suit or anything."God Dammit, we missed our chance again"
not knowing that if he went on the ship he wouldn't survive, because of the same reason he only had Bax as a friend.

     He was making his daily rounds around the derelict ship, when he notices that 2 of the thounds of eggs were open. He began to worry he hadn't seen Baxter in hours. He searched the ship franticly looking for his only friend, but then he say his friend only with a hole in his chest. So the next few days he was extra careful searching every nook and cranny for the beast.

           Will be continued in the next chapter  "The Beast"  

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