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Fan Literature   -   * 101ST - Quarentine   -   Chapter 4
* 101ST - Quarentine
Written by:  101ST Alley [PFC]

Chapter 4 - Escape

Once he was up, Dirtywallace gave the orders to escape. "HUDSON THROW A CHARGE INTO THE MONITOR ROOM. COVER HIM CORPORAL. ALLEY FOLLOW ME." Hudson and Blasty jumped on to the vent platform from which they could launch the charge into the monitor room. In doing so, they saw the fate of the techs that had held there. Bodies were strewn about randomly. Blood had splattered about. It was obvious the techs hadn't put up much of a fight, as there were no alien bodies among the humans, and the bullet holes were few and far inbetween. "Set it" Blasty said "QUICK." An alien jumped from the platform above the monitor room.

The LT in the lead with Alley following, they climbed up to the next level of the vents. As they ran thru they passed by the body of the tech Allen, his shotgun still by his side. He had tried to make a run for it thru the vents. They came to the ladder that led to the top floor of the facility.

The alien turned and sighted the two marines. It snarled and ran for them. "SET THE DAMN CHARGE" Blasty yelled as he fired a timed grenade 15 feet in front of the approaching killer. Hudson prepared to throw the charge, but the corporal held his arm, yelling "HOLD IT." The alien approached, claws outstretched. The grenade detonated.

An explosion was heard from the monitor room. "Alright" the LT said, looking warily towards the direction of the sound "we're going to move up and secure this floor. We're dealing with about a dozen of the basterds still, so keep alert and don't get ****y."

The grenade had exploded just as the xenomorph passed by it. The 2 marines could feel the heat from the blast. "Alright, throw the charge..." Blasty said, releif present in his voice. Hudson tossed the demo charge into the room. "Thanks" "No problem. Let's go catch up with the others."

Wallace jumped upon the ladder, pistol in hand. He climbed up and onto the next floor. Alley followed, pulse rifle at hand. They went right from the ladder, and turned the corner. Clear. They moved forward to the platform overlooking the monitor room. Nothing. The top floor was empty of the alien menace.

Blasty and Hudson reached the ladder the 2 before them had climbed. Blasty led the way up, followed by Hudson.

Alley and Dirtywallace fell back to the ladder and reaqainted themselves with Blasty and Hudson. "Blasty and Hudson go get the exit door open. Myself and Alley will hold these halls and buy you some time. GO." Blasty and Hudson ran for the locked door, with PVT Hudson carrying the welding torch. Alley followed them until they turned left for the hall the door was located in, and kept on to the end of the hall, turned right, and held about midway thru. He could not see any marine, or any hostile alien, from his position in the hall. Dirtywallace went back down the hall he and Alley had gone thru and held halfway thru it. Blasty stopped at the final open doorway and held there, while Hudson kept going, turned the corner, and proceeded to the closed door. As he went thru, he noted 6 open vents, 3 on each side of the hall. The thought of what could climb out sent shivers down his spine. He croutched in front of the door, dropped his pulse rifle, put the detonator to the demo charges at his right, and began welding the door open. Though none of the 4 marines could see another, they all heard the welder begin it's work.

Alley despised the noise the welder created. He could hear nothing but it's drone. Whether or not there was anything else that he might be able to hear without the disterbance, he did not know. He began checking behind him. Was Dirtywallace still alive? Had he silently been taken out beneath the noise of the welder? Was he the only one holding the halls? He became more jumpy by the moment.

Dirtywallace couldn't understand it. Why weren't they being attacked? Were the creatures feasting upon the bodies of the dead? Were they sneaking thru the vents behind them? He stole a glance behind him. "Status" he said into his microphone. Blasty's voice came back at him. "Hudson's welding the door open. No contact." "Keep at it." "Roger."

Blasty had come to a startling realization. Any attacker he met at this point would be in extremely close quarters. That was distressing enougth alone, but his only real weapon was his grenade launcher. He had dropped the pulse rifle while being pulled up to Alley's level in the vents. He contemplated dropping his grenade launcher and using his pistol, but became satisfied in the knowledge that with this weapon he could kill his attacker along with himself. Though he saw the blue glare of the welding torch behind him, he could see no marines. His palms grew sweaty as he wrestled with the thought of firing his weapon, as it would probably mean his own death. "Damn it all to hell" he said under his breath as he awaited the inevitable.

Hudson became more and more desperate. The sound of the torch was filling his ears. He could not have heard a firefight behind him, much rather shouted orders, or the approaching feet of a xenomorph specimen. The torch did not cut as fast as he would have liked, and he found himself having to go back and recut certain areas. His heart raced at the thought of what could linger behind him, but he dared not slow his work to look back.

The blare and glare of the welding torch cut out. CPL Blasty looked behind him. He wanted to call out, but held back. He began walking towards the corner, towards the door, towards Hudson. He turned the corner. Hudson was there, decapitated by the alpha xenomorph that had led the escape of the aliens from the tanks. It proceeded to tear into the PVT's body. Blasty screamed in anger or horror, he did not know which, and fired a grenade into the creature. The nade punctured it's carapace, and the acid blood detonated the explosive instintanously.

Dirtywallace and Alley heard the explosion behind them. Alley began to abandon his position, when an alien turned the corner 10 feet in front of him. Dirtywallace began running back, towards the corner, hoping to save any marines he could. Alley fired a pulse nade directly into his attacker. Dirtywallace prepared to turn the corner. The creature was blown back by the grenade, the majority of it's front half blown away. Dirtywallace heard an explosion from Alley's position, followed by a flash of orange light. He prepared to call out to the PVT, when from the unseen vent on his left an alien attacked. Alley turned around and began running towards Blasty and Hudson's position. Dirtywallace was knocked upon his back onto the floor. Alley turned the corner. Dirtywallace aimed his pistol into the alien and fired. Alley saw the LT's deposition and ran all the faster, hoping to help him. The LT began to get up and move towards his attacker. He fired the pistol at point blank range. Acid sprayed onto his arm. He gritted his teeth and kept firing. The creature fell upon it's back. His clip empty, Wallace's pistol ceased to fire. Wallace dropped his final weapon, stepped over the alien, and began limping towards Alley. The alien attempted to crawl after him, but it could not stand. "Come on" Wallace forced thru his teeth as he and Alley turned thru the final opening before the shut door Hudson was to open.

As they turned the corner, they saw Blasty at the far end of the hall, banging the butt of his grenade launcher against the area Hudson had been welding. They also witness the body of Hudson and the alien that had killed him, both blown apart by a nade from Blasty. A square opening formed, as the metal came loose and fell back, exposing the outdoors. It was no more then 3 feet high, but they could croutch thru it. The hole showed an outside filled with snow and ice. "GO" Dirtywallace yelled as he began limping for the opening. Footsteps on metal were heard above them. At once, all 3 marines became highly aware of the vent openings on both sides of the hall. Blasty heard an alien coming down. He fired a timed nade into the vent opening. It exploded, and out flew the body of an alien, well in front of Wallace and Alley. Blasty grabbed the detonator Hudson had left and went thru the opening. Alley witnessed an alien come down on his right and layed the AP rounds into it. It fell dead before it had a chance to leave the vent. Alley reached the door before the LT, and fired a nade back down the hall. Wallace staggered thru the opening, his wounds becoming all the more obvious to him. He dissapeared thru the opening. As the smoke from Alley's nade cleared, two of the creatures were seen coming from down the hall. Alley mowed them down with the machine gun section of his rifle, creating a yellowish smoke as they fell. More screeches were heard from beyond. Alley turned right and croutched thru the hole.

The outside was a barren iceland. Snow and ice covered the ground completely. The cold sweat they had formed while within the alien-infested facility made them all the colder, as they were wearing no garments for this weather. As Alley exited, CPL Blasty used the detonator he had retrieved to blow the demo charges they had left behind. An orange fireball and a thunder of sound arose from beneath the ice-covered ground. Snow and frozen dirt were thrown into the air. The bending and stretching of metals was heard beneath the ground. Fire shot out of the hole they had escaped thru. The fireball rose up and out of the ground once more. Then the explosion began to recede. The great volume of sound began to decease. The fire began to recede back within the facility. A great depression began to form where the ground was once level. The facility collapsed upon itself. Dirt filled the halls. The walls fell. The facility was filled. Then, silence. No part of the facility was visible to the marines. The only clue to it's existence was a 20 foot depression where the facility had once been.

LT Dirtywallace nodded to his 2 awestruck marines, signalling them to follow him. They walked the 100 feet to the airpad. There, they activated the distress beacon and took shelter from the wheater within the control tower. A dropship from the USCM base was in-route. When it arrived, they would have their ride home. They sat, and spoke of their experiences.

LT Dirtywallace thought of his lost marines. All the marines that had died that day were under his direct command, and CPL Turmoiltech, CPL Blackhawk, and PVT Hudson, his entire squad... HIS squad... all dead.

CPL Blasty pondered his amount of blame in the deaths of SGT Fuzzpuff and PVT Hudson. Had his suprise nade somehow been responsible for the death of his SGT? If he had moved and stayed in view of PVT Hudson, could he have protected him? He wondered...

PVT Alley felt guilt over the death of his DTP, PVT Gracie. While the alien had attacked Gracie, it had been Alley's bullets that killed him. Had Gracie saved Alley's life 3 times, only for Alley to kill him? If only he had disciplined his aim, he could've saved Gracie...

The marines awaited the dropship. When it arrived, they got up, shouldered their weapons, and moved out. There was nothing else for them to do there. They had survived.

101ST Alley [PVT]

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