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Fan Literature   -   * 101ST - Quarentine   -   Chapter 2
* 101ST - Quarentine
Written by:  101ST Alley [PFC]

Chapter 2 - Battle

The largest alien with the green streak tilted its head to view the screen between it and the outside. It positioned itself on the opposite wall and launched itself as a projectile at the polycarbate wall. Nothing. It held itself close, inspected the covering, and immediately assaulted it. Clawing and biting, it took off chunks of the material. The others, seeing the alpha's example, quickly followed suit.

"Everyone out..." Fuzzpuff ordered "NOW".

Once calm techs showed terror and panic. The squad drew weapons and prepared to fire upon their 2 dozen strong assailants. But Fuzzpuff ordered to the contrary. "HOLD FIRE. You'll just shatter the sheets and let 'em out faster. We can't take 'em all down here. Let's get the techs to the monitor room, then come back and take care of this".

Before Fuzz had finished his order all 4 had followed the techs up the ramp and were running down the main hallway. The shattering of the screen, gushing of water and the screeches of 24 aliens sounded off in the distance behind them. They kept running.

Dirtywallace heard the comotion that was coming from the cell room and the main hall, and knew something had gone wrong. PVT Hudson and CPL Turmoiltech had already started towards the hall to cover the approach of their comrades. Dirtywallace took Blackhawk and followed them. "STAY THERE" he shouted back at the techs.

The techs passed by Dirty's squad, and as quickly as he could he got those who were armed to draw weapons. Fuzzpuff's squad finally turned the corner and now stood by the deceased aliens. The look on their faces told Dirty his worst fears had come true. The tech Allen grabbed the shotgun he kept under his monitor and stood against the wall. Dirty's squad now started running towards the main hall, Fuzz's squad following. They turned the corner, ready to lay waste to the screeching horde that awaited them, and were horrified. The hall was empty and silent.

Fuzzpuff regained himself and whispered "Advance".

"Check your targets; Only shoot at what you can hit" Blasty reminded the PVTs in his squad.

Turmoiltech took point with Blackhawk on his heels.

"Nothing on motion tracker" said Hudson.

"Damnit...we're fighting blind" said Dirtywallace. They reached the end of the main hall and turned the corner. Still silence.

"Blackhawk, Turmoil, hold here. Hudson and myself will hold the ramp opening. Fuzz, take Blasty and move into that red room opposite us. Gracie, Alley, go down the ramp and see what you can, but pull out if it gets too hot. Move it marines".

Like clockwork, Blackhawk and Turmoil stayed put while Dirty, Alley, Gracie, and Hudson all proceeded towards the ramp entry. Fuzzpuff and Blasty darted into the steel incased room. With a quick nod from the LT, Gracie went in on the right, followed by Alley on the left. They cautiosly proceeded down the ramp, covered by Hudson and Dirty. Blasty moved forward in the red room, and what he discovered sent shivers down his spine. He ran passed Fuzz and yelled at Dirty

"THEY'RE IN THE VENTS!". Before Dirty could respond, gunfire and screams erupted from the monitor room. Realization and dread overcame the two squads. Dirty gave the orders without thinking


Blackhawk and Turmoil began running down the hall as fast as they could.

Dirty and Hudson abandoned their positions for covering Gracie and Alley and headed for the main hall. Blasty and Fuzzpuff came out of the red room, racing as fast as they could. As Alley and Gracie approached the top of the ramp, an alien came out of an unseen vent of Alley's side. Claws outreached, it jumped for him. Gracie leveled his rifle at the creature and fired. The bullet hit the the xenomorph mid-section, severing it's legs from it's body. "Thanks" was all that was said. The two marines exited the ramp.

Blackhawk and Turmoil were halfway through the hall, and while the gunfire ahead had nearly died out, the screams were as loud as ever. An alien jumped from a vent above them. It's head suddenly exploded, thanks to a bullet from Dirtywallace. Acid spray rained down on Turmoiltech, and he fell screaming.

"GET BACK HERE!" Dirty shouted "NOW!"

The screams had ceased, and five aliens popped around the corner.

"GO" commanded Turmoil "I'LL COVER YOU".

Without a word Blackhawk began running back knowing he'd have his chance later. Turmoil fired his pulse rifle into one of the onrushing aliens, and holes formed in it's exoskeleton. The left arm flew off. It's limbs came off, and more acid sprayed the CPL as it hit the ground. He gritted his teeth and looked up to see an alien jumping at him from the ceiling. He fired into it, but it fell on him, knocking his weapon from his hands. He was gratified, for his last vision was of Blackhawk reaching the marine line.

Dirty saw Turmoil torn apart, and immediately gave the order "PULL BACK".

Where to was a mystery. As they turned Hudson informed them that his motion tracker was picking up severeal blips coming back thru the vents behind them.

"FOLLOW ME" Fuzzpuff shouted. He led Dirty, Gracie and Hudson down the ramp, towards the cell room. An alien came through the same vent as the one who had attacked Alley. Fuzzpuff laid the AP rounds into it and it fell dead before it could even leave the vent. Blackhawk fired a rocket, killing the xenomorph that had mutilated Turmoil, and followed the others down the ramp. Blasty and Alley fired pulse rifles wildly and then followed suit. Alley saw an alien running for him and Blasty, stopped, aimed, and fired. The bullets took the head off the creature, flailing it's arms and falling to the side. As they ran down the ramp an alien followed them from the entrance. Running down, Blasty turned and fired, taking it's legs out from under it.

They made it to the other side of the door.

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