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Post 1 written Mar 5, 2008 at 22:16
Well, having already written my own version of Alien 5, got half way through Predator 3 and a bit lost in the process (sorry guys, Im not really a huge predator fan), I decided to set about tackling the next (and final) AvP installmeant.  

Without giving too much away as this is far from finished, heres a rough idea of what I have in mind:

"In the distant future man was destined to colonise among the stars, but we had to begin somewhere.....and there's no doubt we needed all the help we could get.

The how's or why's must never be known.  Only a select few must ever discover the darkest secret of our new home, until the time is right for us to move on.  Now, the government has finally swept away the events to that fateful night in Gunnerson Colorado, when a local powerstation went into nuclear meltdown leaving no survivors.  But we learned much about them, why they came to Earth in the first place....and why they must be stopped!"  

Corey Blaize, one of many promising young government scientists, was part of a well respected exploration team working under the trustful eyes of the new Weyland/Yutani Corparation.  Until she inadvertantly uncovers a sinsister plot by her employers to seemingly "wipe out" an unknown civilization from a distant planet.  A probe sent by NASA 10 years before, reveals conclusive evidence of life on another world, a life that has suddenly become a threat to national security, and the race is on to stop the terror that will ultimately unfold if the Company finishes what it started.    

This story is loosely based on another AvP story I never finished that was set after A:R. called AvP Insurrection.  It has a whole bunch of new characters, but also features the return of Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan) in a kind of cameo role, as well as dealing with something that was never really explained in the original movie...something to do with the Alien Queen.  The story (NOT in script format) is set largely on Earth, 16 years after AvP-R, but begins and ends in the distant future, several years before ALIEN, featuring an early version of the Colonial Marines who I feel must have been around even at that time.  How the 2 stories come together is told by someone who holds the key for the future of both humans and predators, as the spread of the Alien stands in their way.  

                                          ALIEN vs PREDATOR:  HOMELAND

...coming soon  

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Post 2 written Apr 3, 2009 at 07:51
Here is my idea for AVP3 let me know what you think

I had watched AVP-R with the commentary and heard that they tried to get I am assuming Adam Baldwin to reprise his role of Garber. Not sure why he wouldn’t do it, maybe it wasn’t a big enough part for him I don’t know. For AVP 3 it would be great to get Adam Baldwin to reprise his role from Predator 2 and play Garber along with Robert Joy as Col. Stevens, and have Jake Busey play the son of Peter Keys from Predator 2 and is the husband of Ms. Yutani from AVP-R. Also have someone play the role of Charles Bishop Weyland’s son, Robert Patrick maybe, so they can show them working together as a joint company.

It should start about a six months to a year after AVP-R, but it will have the company of now Weyland-Yutani Corp. back in Gunnison, Colorado examining the landing pod in the lake that the predator used in AVP-R then transporting it back to a research facility. Then you can show another team in Antarctica getting the frozen Alien Queen out of the water. Once they get her out, they transport her to the same Weyland-Yutani military research facility complete with military personnel, where they took the landing pod, on a remote tropical island somewhere. They thaw her out and chain her up, in order to produce more eggs. They then maybe have military prisoners and use them as hosts for the aliens.

There would have to be the inevitable disaster in order to get the Aliens to start running a muck. Then we see a ship that looks like the ship that was found in the first Alien movie and seen in the extended edition of Aliens, this ship is used by the Space Jockies (the big creature in the chair in Alien) and the Predators to transport Alien eggs to other hunting grounds. While they are passing by Earth they do a scan for the heat and conflict they crave, the monitors could show some battles in Iraq and Afghanistan and then they discover that the Aliens are running a muck on the tropical Island with the Weyland-Yutani installation.
So they cloak the ship and land at a remote spot on the island. All 3 Predators leave the ship and the lone Space Jockey is left behind. Some scientists and military personnel at the facility noticed the atmospheric disturbance from the ship and see it land and with the thermal suits (Predator 2) they do a recon mission to the ship (do not go inside). They place a sophisticated homing device on the outside of the ship and return to the base. While this is going the remaining military personnel, scientists, Aliens and Predators are fighting it out on the island.

The Queen and a drone can end up escaping and on the way to the ship she lays her egg that will house a face hugger with a Queen and drone embryo(as in alien 3). She then instructs the drone and face hugger that is out of the egg to head to the ship (just as she instructed the drones in Aliens to back away from Ripley). She then turns back to fight the remaining 2 predators.

The Drone and face hugger make it to the ship where they go to the observatory with the big telescope, where the drone knocks out the Space Jockey and then it is impregnated by the face hugger. All the Aliens are killed on the island and 1 Predator remains and after he kills the queen he boards the ship to leave. (There will be NO explosion to kill everything on the island) The predator takes off in the ship and once the ship is on course he then proceeds to the observatory room where he sees the space jockey against the wall passed out.

He scans the jockey and sees the queen embryo gestating inside. The same face hugger tries to impregnate the Predator (as in Alien 3 I think the final face hugger from the queen carried 2 embryos) but the Predator kills the face hugger. Then the drone emerges and a fight happens between him and the Predator. The drone is killed and melts a hole in the deck (Like the hole in Alien.), unfortunately the predator is under the alien when the acid blood comes out and is killed in the process.

You could then go back to the Weyland-Yutani scientist tracking the ship, and then go back to the Space Jockey ship a few hours later when the Space Jockey comes to. He then hops into the big telescope chair and then you can show the Space Jockey convulsing with the Queen trying to get out, he uses the telescope chair to locate a planet to land / crash on, he then resets the computer to land / crash on a planet LV-426(from Alien and Aliens) He then sets the computer to issue the warning signal. Then the Queen bursts out of his chest killing him,

And then the Queen chestburster goes down the hole made by the drone. Once the ship comes to a stop the last thing you see is the Queen going through the ship and then the camera pulls back and you see of all the eggs that Kane saw in the first Alien movie complete with the mist and the blue barrier. This is how Weyland-Yutani Corp. knows about the ship and Alien in the first Alien movie, because it has the homing device on it. Plus it has the warning from the space jockey that mother deciphered in Alien.

I think this would be a good way to meld the story lines together. And after that they would be free to put the movies on what ever planet in what ever time.

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