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Posted Mar 19, 2010 by VenomX

Teaser Trailer for Predators

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming movie Predators has just been released, you will find it here:


Since the movie is set to be released in July this summer, we can probably expect the final trailer to pop up within the very near future as well.

Thanks to Darkness @ AvP Galaxy for the tip.

Posted Aug 8, 2009 by SiL

AvP 3 Game Interview

In case you've been living under a rock, AvP 3, the game, is coming out, scheduled for a February 2010 release date. Over the last few months images have been released, demos played at conventions, people have drooled - the usual stuff.

Now we're up to speed, here's some actual recent news! The good folks over at AvPGalaxy - Not just the staff, but the fans as well - compiled a list of questions and sent them to the production team.


AvPGalaxy - From what we've seen so far, there are a number of AvP Requiem references such as the mines the Predator uses or the Predalien ripping out its victim's spine in the E3 demo. How much input did the Strauses have in making the game?

Tim Jones - We've taken inspiration from elements in all the movies and the Strauss brothers brought some interesting new ideas to the franchise.  I had the pleasure of meeting them while they were still editing AvP Requiem and showed them some very early footage from the game, but otherwise I think they are very busy on other projects of their own.

If you've been following the news it really just amounts to "Wait and see", but it does give an idea of some things to expect, such as new Aliens.

Posted Aug 3, 2009 by VenomX

Alien Prequel - Ridley to direct!

Finally something has happened that could provide a small glimmer of actual hope for those of us who were largely, if not completely, disappointed by the recent AvP and AvP:R releases. The latest news according to, well, a bunch of sources by now, is that Ridley Scott will be coming back to direct the next film in the Alien franchise.

Not only is Ridley Scott back on board to direct this prequel to his 1979 masterpiece, but it is also (as previously known by most people already I'm sure) being produced by Ridley and his brother Tony Scott under their own "Scott Free Productions" banner.

Being the director of one of the two films that started it all, this could mean the fan base might just finally get what it's been craving all these years. Personally I'm going to be watching the development of this one very closely from now on.

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