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Posted Feb 26, 2015 by VenomX

Site update again

Rules, Species, Movies and Games pages now up and working. Most of the information still needs to be looked over and probably rewritten quite a bit, but at least the pages aren't broken anymore.

Also, registration for new users works again as well.

Posted Feb 26, 2015 by VenomX

Site update

So, I guess five years sure go by in a blink, don't they?

A slight bit of recent activity on our forums drew my attention to this poor old neglected site once again and, as a lot of its features sadly aren't working properly (or at all) since the last time I started in on a major overhaul of its code without being able to find time to finish it, I decided to get back at it and continue where I left off.

I still don't have a lot of time to devote to it and my main priority is to get the broken features back up and working again, which is why there won't be any mindblowing news here for quite awhile still.

However, to begin with I have at least today gotten the Settings page to work again for any logged in members, as well as having fixed the public Members page to where the sorting features and pagination works again for the listing there.

More to come...

Posted Mar 19, 2010 by VenomX

Teaser Trailer for Predators

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming movie Predators has just been released, you will find it here:


Since the movie is set to be released in July this summer, we can probably expect the final trailer to pop up within the very near future as well.

Thanks to Darkness @ AvP Galaxy for the tip.

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